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Monthly/Daily Horoscope - Find out what your zodiac sign has got for you today, with Vogue's free horoscope Scorpio Horoscope Today: October 6,

LUCK is with you too, so you might want to play the lottery or stock market. Turquoise or teal add to feelings of adventure. Take care not to move or drive too fast -- we don't want any accidents. Responsibility and family concerns take priority today, so you might well find yourself dealing with routine duties and commitments. You also need to take care of one very special family member -- YOU.

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Eat well and get some heart-healthy exercise. This will help you be kind and understanding when you feel the demands made on you today are unfair.

Bring yourself up to date with your business and social appointments. Make time to cheer up a shut-in or hug someone. Be free with your sympathy and advice, but ONLY when asked for. Shop for the house or family. Navy blue adds to your strength. Tomorrow you can enjoy a well deserved rest.

If ever there was a day meant for stopping to smell the roses, this is it! It is simply vital that you take some time out from your usual flurry of activity and recharge those batteries. Make an entry in your diary, go for a stroll along a country lane, and stop to consider what's REALLY important to you in life.

Flip your inner switch from "output" to "input" and soak up beautiful thoughts, sights and sounds that will allow you to envision a happier you. Be confident in your abilities, and don't work yourself into a dither trying to get what you want as anything worthwhile will be yours in good time. Consult attorneys, doctors, dentists today. Catch a movie. Wear purple. This is an excellent time to capitalize on promising financial opportunities. Debts may be paid, favors returned. Use common sense, be courageous and solve the tough problems today. Think big but don't take chances. Although material concerns are uppermost today, keep in mind that money is only a means to an end, so watch your temper AND your language today.

Success is yours for the taking. GO for it!

You can really feel GOOD about yourself now, as you address the world with a peaceful outlook and sense of renewal. Take a hard look at your "to do" list and strike all those self- imposed detailed obligations you don't REALLY need to be burdened with. Do a good deed. Let go of any grudges and see how much lighter your heart feels. By plowing up overgrown roots that no longer have meaning in your life, you can cultivate fresh new ideas that will beautify your future. Settle your problems before nightfall. Today you'll find it easier to accept opinions and viewpoints that differ from yours.

Be generous, loving. Wear something bright.

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Share your wisdom. Expect nothing and receive everything. Suddenly matters that confused and troubled you become crystal clear.

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Take advantage of this insight to trust your intuition. Express your artistic tendencies. There may be a great novel or ingenious invention sleeping inside you, and today is the day to awaken those creations. Postpone all but the most vital chores so you can fully focus on visions of what can be. Share your inspiration with others.

Your inner radiance will light up the lives of everyone you see. The progress you make today will not be measured in material terms, but in your ability to handle what comes next. Overall, 1 days favor beginnings while 9's are best suited to tieing up loose ends. Do your clothes shopping on 1, 2, and 3 days, but wait for a 6 day to purchase a home or household goods.

Market speculation and promotional activities are best suited to 5 days, and you should try to making savings deposits on 7 days, a day you're best off not trying to do ANYTHING but evaluate and improve the status quo.

If you have to appear in public, try to schedule it on a 9 day. Of course you CAN'T always schedule your activities around your personal days, so always go ahead with whatever you need to do. Just being aware of the day's influences will help you immeasurably! Your Menu. Start using your influences to increase your success! Learn to flow with them, not fight them. Bob, I've drawn up a calendar for you to readily see your personal months and days.

Use their influences to help guide and direct your activities for the most successful outcome.

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There may be domestic fights that need smoothing over or activities that you will enjoy with your family or you could be called on to give special service to the underprivileged. You should ooze love, friendship and affection on this peaceful day of service with the full knowledge that it will be returned in like kind.

Accomplishments, both current and past, can be analyzed and valued for the effects they may have on the future. The number Seven day is made for meditating and getting in touch with your innermost feelings. It is also a good day for going back over your most recent activities to judge the merits of your actions and see what you would most need to change.

No new beginnings or changes for this day though, leave that to another time better suited for those activities. This is potentially the most dynamic day and using the personal power you possess in a fair and equitable manner will reap many dividends for you on a personal basis. Keeping in mind the needs and abilities of others you can gain much from new business ventures. A good day for sporting events, contracts, and challenges.

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Business and legal dealings of all kinds can be very effective today. Discrimination and trust are important factors today. Some of these endings can bring much drama and emotion but will be easier on a Nine day than at any other time. Put forth your compassion and understanding but if a situation needs ending you should go ahead no matter how high the emotion runs. Today can be a good day to move away from certain ideals or positions and into new situations. It can be a good day to spend alone, thinking about the past few days and your present circumstances.

Master number 11 is too potent a vibration to be used continuously. If you want to find out which days will be particularly financially important to you, you must add the individual numbers of that date together and be able to reduce it to the number eight. These money days might be great, or they might be not so great. Days that reduce to the number seven are all about self-discovery. These will be the days when you are most likely to have some kind of personal revelation. What does this have to do with luck? So on seven days, take the time to look inward. Number five days are specifically geared toward change and opportunity.

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These are days that are likely to be beneficial toward you in terms of business. Numerology also suggests that number five days are best for sales. All in all, these are the days that you want to take action and put yourself out there. Taking risks might benefit you. Three days are full of fun and excitement.

These are the days for adventure and for being social.

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